Thank you for your interest to be in our parade!

Please click here to register for the Summit Hill Memorial Day Parade!

Things you need to know…

  • The American Legion holds a ceremony in Ludlow Park at 10am.
  • If you are participating in the parade, or dropping off a child who is participating, please arrive in town prior to 10am.  We’ve had problems in the past with noise from cars, etc… interrupting the ceremony.
  • Traffic will not be allowed to pass Ludlow Park after 9:45am.
  • Please reference the “Parade Route” and “Lineup” pages on this site to see where you should be lining up and/or dropping off.
  • There are several parade committee members roaming the streets where each division will be lining up.  Please feel free to stop and ask us for help if you are unsure where to go.  We will be wearing red golf shirts and blue hats or visors.
  • The parade starts promptly at 11am.

We hope you enjoy the day here in Summit Hill!